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????Never PG For Business Credit!????????????

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Why business credit cards require personal guarantees
It can be very difficult to get a business card for a startup with no personal guarantee.

Here’s why: When you start a new business, card issuers are taking a big risk by lending you money. If the business fails, they want to get paid back. By asking you to give a personal guarantee, they have the option of going after your personal assets (to get what they are owed), which are likely to be more substantial than those of a brand-new business.

That said, not all startups are the same. If you’ve created a high-revenue startup in your first year or two, you might qualify for a business credit card that doesn’t require a personal guarantee. In other words, card issuers may be willing to try to go after the assets of the business if you don’t keep up with payments. However, these cards generally have stringent requirements for applicants.
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