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Is your Amazon profitable?????????|| #ecommercetips #shorts

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I started my journey by providing services to clients in the USA who were doing 1 Million Dollar of Sales on Amazon on a monthly basis. There in one of the conversations they told me Amar we do not know if we are making profits. All along my journey I came across a lot of Sellers who were making sales but had no idea if they were making profits or not.

During this journey I also came to a lot of people who could not even calculate the basics of profitability and had no idea that you can get access to a Revenue Calculator directly from Amazon.

So today I want to provide you some basics from my end so that you know that you also need to account for
Amazon Commission, Fulfilment Fees, Storage Fees, Keep in mind customer returns as well.

At the end Making a profit on Amazon is not hard but you need to get your basics right and then never deviate from the formula.

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