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How to Grow Your Online Business and Sell Faster! with Josh Elizetxe | Perfectly Mentored

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On Episode #149 of Perfectly Mentored, Josh Elizetxe makes his highly-anticipated third appearance to tell us about his recent ventures and give us some valuable, actionable advice on innovation and scaling a business right in today’s competitive environment.

Check out more Perfectly Mentored at: https://perfectlymentored.com/episodes/

You can follow Jason at:
Website: https://www.jportnoy.com/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jasonportnoy/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/iamjasonport...
Twitter - https://twitter.com/jasonportnoy
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Jason Portnoy is a digital marketer, consultant/coach, speaker, husband and father. Showing you the truth behind entrepreneurship, building a brand, digital marketing, and everything in between.⁠⠀
When not helping brands scale to 7 figures and beyond, at his agency, JPORTmedia, he hosts the successful podcast, Perfectly Mentored, where he interviews all your favorite entrepreneurs, influencers and personalities. ⠀
Thank you for joining us for this episode! Let me know your biggest takeaways from this episode!

What's been in the works? [1:25]
How important is it to add more variety to your products? [5:42]
How does building an online brand look like now, and how is it going to look in 2022? [15:39]
Josh’s thoughts on the current time, where profitability on customer acquisition is nearing impossible. [22:53]
If you had to build a brand now, with all the experience and knowledge you have now, what would your strategy be? [28:04]
With consumers getting smarter at spotting ads, how has influencer marketing changed and what’s the strategy now? [33:53]
What’s the roadmap for scaling to 7-figures and beyond? [41:18]
Is Amazon the right play for brands? [44:36]
The importance of compounding for business growth? [55:00]
How Josh stays on top of business trends. [1:00:39]
One platform you can’t do without if you want to grow your business. [1:02:45]
The best book for entrepreneurs. [1:03:00]
The best and the worst advice Josh has ever received. [1:03:10]
One work-related app that you can’t live without. [1:05:10]
Josh’s biggest regret in his journey. [1:05:25]

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