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Justin Kan made $1B from Twitch by Live Streaming his Life

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This guy made $1B
by live-streaming his life
Justin Kan is the legendary entrepreneur
behind Twitch
and the story of how he started it
is as bizarre as it is inspiring
after graduating yale
Kan couldn't find a buyer for his calendar startup
so he listed it on eBay
and actually sold it for $250,000
his next move
was to strap a camera to his head
and build a website where people could watch his life
it became a quick hit
and he was invited to speak on the Today Show
but something terrible happened
while live-streaming
a prank call led to police raiding his apartment
This made Justin question his sole spotlight,
so he opened his site to let anyone stream
and later rebranded it as Twitch
which sold to Amazon for $1B in 2014

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