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Reaching for the stars - Interview of Sauli Kiviranta, co-founder of Delta Cygni Labs

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This is an interview of entrepreneur Sauli Kiviranta for Jyväskylä University Entrepreneurial Course.
Interview conducted by Linda Kiviranta.

Sauli Kiviranta is a co-founder and CTO of Delta Cygni Labs (DCL), leading the engineering and product teams. Over 20 years of experience in building online platforms and 10+ years virtual and augmented reality R&D and productization experience for machine building industry. Interests are in Human-Machine Systems, Cybernetics and Complex Systems, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Knowledge Engineering and Human-Machine Learning. Prior to DCL a project manager and technical lead at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for the VR laboratory. Work related to modelling and verification of advanced technologies and processes for human-machine systems, solving problems for the global and domestic machine building corporations. Technical lead in development of the future maintenance technologies for International Space Station (ISS), Moon & Mars exploration missions, and International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), also acting as reviewer for Fusion Engineering and Design journal.

Now transforming humanity from Information Society to Knowledge Society through Augmented Reality.

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